Research Facilities


National Unit of Vaccine Immunogenicity Evaluation and Research (NIVER) is a state-of-the-art advanced national facility located in CRL, KIMS. Established with funding from BIRAC-DBT, NIVER is a part of the National Biopharma mission program for developing GCLP facility for immunogenicity evaluation of bacterial vaccines. NIVER is a unique partnership between BIRAC, Government of India and CRL, KIMS to provide immunogenicity assessment of bacterial vaccine to Indian biopharma companies. It is adedicated facility for Serotype specific ELISA and MOPA tests. These tests measurereactogenic and functional antibody levels in the clinical specimen before and aftervaccination.

The facility has the following

  • State of Art BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories.
  • Appropriate certified equipment
  • Adequate power back up by providing DG set and UPS
  • Data loggers for monitoring of temperature of freezers, refrigerators, cold cabinet etc.
  • Laboratory Information Management system [LIMS]

NIVER - ELISA section The ELISA facility is equipped with Hamilton Star Replicator, Dynex automated ELISA system, ELISA reader and ELISA washer (Molecular Devices, USA) and Luminex 200 platform as major equipment.

NIVER- OPA section The facility is equipped with cell culture facility for handling HL60 cells, flow cytometer platform, inverted microscopy facility, automated cell counter, BSL level 2 and CO2 incubators as major instruments.