Dr.K.L Ravi Kumar - Cheif

Dr. K L Ravi Kumar is a Prof. Emeritus of Microbiology, Chief at the Central Research Laboratory (CRL)with an additional charge as the Director of the institute. He has been a faculty at CRL since 1990 Dr. K L Ravi Kumar obtained MD-Microbiology-1986 BMC, Bangalore, Karnataka.

Established and leads a network of 125+ laboratories and hospitals in India. Developed molecular methods to identify and type S. pneumonia and culture clinical samples.

He is the Infection Control Committee Chairman, Sentinel Surveillance Programme member, and Advisory Board member on antimicrobial resistance The group’s research interests are studies on serotype and genotype distribution, pneumococcal vaccine impact, genomic surveillance, and AMR profiling for priority pathogens. Molecular technologies like - Microarray, PCRSeq Typing, and FAF-mPCR, Next-generation Sequencing.

Laboratory Overview