Research Facilities

Microbiology Section

We have state-of-the-art equipment for culturing, Identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing and archiving of microorganisms. We have five divisions dedicated to

A. Culture section Equipped with basic and advanced instruments designed to grow, identify and enumerate microbes. Automated ID/AST system (Vitek-2 Compact system), Biosafety Level 2 B2 cabinet, CO2 incubator, bacteriological incubator and medical refrigerators are available equipment housed in culture section.

B. Microscopy Microscopy facility consists of Nikon Phase contrast microscope attached with internet enabled system.

C. Media preparation and sterilization Separate dry and wet heat sterilization systems are installed in sterilization facilityfor the routine sterilization of media, buffers, plasticwares and glassware. Fully automatic autoclave from Zealway, semi-automatic autoclave from PSM Scientific, Hot air oven from Thermo Scientific are part of the facility.

D. Decontamination section This section contains two semiautomatic autoclaves forsafe disposal of cultures, laboratory waste and samples after use.